About Us

Go Liquid Enterprises is the parent company of many enterprises. Go Liquid Events is one of our awesome businesses that was meant to start in early 2020 but was delayed by Covid. We are excited to launch 2021 and we know you are very keen to get out and start enjoying unforgettable events this new year. Go Liquid Events has a lot of those unforgettable events planned for 2021 and we really look forward to you joining us at some of our FREE events and all our ticketed events. We are looking to take events to the next level. An experience for every single event. A WOW factor. Unforgettable!!!

Go Liquid Enterprises are innovative in our approach in covering all aspects of Entertainment, ticketing and Marketing.

Our venture started with the opening of our very successful Radio station Liquid Radio back in 2017. Liquid Radio is an online radio station that is now the leading online radio station on the Sunshine Coast.

During Covid 19, We had to get inventive. During lockdown we diversified our business into marketing websites. MyLocalmarkets.online, MyLocalSunshineCoast.online, MyLocalBrisbane.online, MyLocalGoldCoast.online, BookingsDirect.online & MyWebsiteDesign.team. All our websites are Made right here in Queensland Australia.

As Covid 19 Restrictions are lifted we have now started to organise our Queensland Carnivals and Go Liquid Events for 2021. Bringing Amusement Rides, Market stalls, Food Trucks, Musical Artists, Festivals, Games and Fun to Queensland with unforgettable events.

Go Liquid Enterprises will cover all aspects of events with Go Liquid Entertainment. Booking Agents for Musos, at this stage for the Sunshine Coast only. Go Liquid AV & Lighting Hire will cover party hire and set up for any events on the Sunshine Coast.

Our newest business enterprise is GoGoWebby.com. Think everything to do with websites. Buy your Domain, Manage your website, SSL Security, Email etc. Very exciting and we will be launching soon.

We thankyou for looking in on our enterprises and we welcome you back any time to see what is new on Go Liquid Enterprises.