Come play with us if you dare at the biggest Spook Fair on the Sunshine Coast. You will be scared out of your wits with our Spooky Mazes & Spooky play areas.

We turn Marshall Lakes at #1 Leafy Lane, Woombye on the Sunshine Coast, into our very own Theme Park for the whole month of October. Opening on the 28th to 31st October 2021.

WARNING: Scary Characters, Flashing Strobe Lights & Smoke Machines are used throughout our Event. Do not enter the mazes if these affect you. Entry is at own risk.


Room 13 Maze

Not for the faint hearted

Death comes to visit

Freddy & Jason Maze

You don’t want to meet these two in one room

The Haunted Straw Maze

You never know were they are hiding

The Attic Maze

Don’t hang around to long in the attic

The Haunted Forest

Everything is not what it seems

Vampire Maze

Don’t stop

Just Run

Tik Tok Escape Room

What happens if you don’t get out in time?

The Panic Room

Do not enter if you have heart problems

Clown Town

Just do not enter

It’s not safe

Spooky Rave

Who is that DJ?

Guest DJs

Spook Festival

Little Spooky Rave

Who’s got the moves kids?

Thriller Show

It’s close to midnight
Something evil’s lurkin’ in the dark

Haunted House

You must survive the haunted house.

Emergency contact details must be left at the gate in case you don’t come out

Haunted Tunnels

Run, Run, Run

Who can go past the Sunshine Coast’s best Street Food. All the best Food Vendors to tickle those taste buds. All of the most delicious food at one place.

A selection of wild and thrilling amusement rides and adventure rides for you to try if you haven’t already been Spooked from our Mazes

What’s a Spook Fair without a Spook Fair Parade.

You can’t keep your eyes closed forever

VIP Pass holders get treated like a Celebrity. Early entry to the event. Get the VIP treatment as soon as you walk in the gate. You will be escorted by your very own Vampire that will take you were no other guest will see.

You will be given a guided tour behind the scenes of all the mazes and spooky areas of Spooky Town. Meet the characters of the crew as they get their make up done before the nights show.

You will be given time to ride the rides before any guests arrive for the night.

Be pampered in your very own VIP area with your very own DJ.

Be treated like a celebrity with a fast track to the front of the queue on every maze and ride.

Be the last to leave as the VIP area is open later, as we close the rest of the park down.

TICKET PRICES WILL BE RELEASED 24th August 2021 at 4pm

First Release Tickets on sale from the 31st August 2021 at 9am until SOLD OUT

Early Bird 15% Discounts on First Release Tickets

Second Release Tickets on sale from the 14th September 2021 at 9am until SOLD OUT

Early Bird 5% Discounts on Second Release Tickets

Final Release Tickets on Sale from the 31st September 2021 at 9am until SOLD OUT

NO DISCOUNT on Final Release Tickets

Add FASTPASS to your ticket to get through mazes and ride lines quicker


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More Bloody Details to Come!!!

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